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Our Story
Improving the quality of life for better socio-economic well being

The Green Path for Community Success (GP-COSU) is a registered organization that operates national level with Registration No. ooNGO/0009468. Founded on 12th Day of February 2017 with elite like minded and committed men and women, professional people from different skill categories i.e lawyers, teachers, farmers, and pastors in the Arusha Municipal City –Arusha region in the northern part of the United Republic of Tanzania.

It started with 5 founder members and today it is blessed with 15 members. The NGO was formed in view of critical issues which face the society including, limited social and economic development infrastructure, increasing poverty, illiteracy and diseases. These indicators promoted the starting of this organization to address demand driven and unmet needs of the people in the United Republic of Tanzania.

The Green Path for Community Success (GP-COSU plays the role of healing the weaker sections of the community affected from injuries of poverty, diseases and illiteracy by finding the ways to solve them through free community participation and inclusion in discussions and decision making in participatory way at all levels by all gender.

Educational support, Healthcare & Sanitation support. Enhanced provision of shelter, clothing and access to safe water, basic hygiene and guardianship to most vulnerable children
To improve the quality of life for better socio-economic well being for the unprivileged oppressed disadvantaged and marginalized people in the United Republic of Tanzania.
Our Mission
To inspire to work and empower individuals and families in the poorest communities in the United Republic Tanzania mainland for better livelihood in Socio-Economic sectors to end up hunger and poverty through quality education provision support,gender equality and inclusion.
Our Vision
A community that is economically stable, healthy, well educated within conducive environment and whereas people’s respect, kindness, gender quality, human rights and the rule of law are norms.


Because many hands make light work. Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.