Education is the key of life. When we open the door of opportunity to education, we unlock the future for children . Most vulnerable children don’t have the privilege of accessing Education.Education is the difference between failure and success.It is the difference between poverty and plenty.without an education, jobs are hard to come by, and without a job, a mother or father cannot feed their children.

When parents cannot support their families, the family unit often breaks up, and children end up on the streets or orphanages As GP-COSU it is our vision to procure teaching facilities and equipment for basic education ,payment of school fees for early childhood development ,primary education, secondary, provision of school uniforms and stationeries, provide vocational training and apprenticeship and further studies, visits to schools to promote retention.Help us is our mission to provide quality education for our children so that they may have a bright future for their lives.Education is like teaching a man to fish than giving him fish every day.Your help will go a long way in fulfilling this vision.